Online Ordering FAQs

Do you deliver to my address?

We deliver to the following post codes:

£3.50 delivery charge: SN1 1, SN1 2, SN1 3, SN1 4, SN1 5, SN2 1, SN2 2, SN2 5, SN2 7, SN2 8, SN25 1, SN25 2, SN25 3, SN25 4, SN25 5, SN25 6, SN26 8, SN3 1, SN3 3, SN3 4, SN3 5, SN3 6, SN4 8, SN4 9, SN5 0, SN5 3, SN5 4, SN5 4, SN5 5, SN5 6, SN5 7, SN5 8

£6 delivery charge: SN26 7, SN4 0, SN4 7, SN6 6, SN6 7, SN6 8

If your postcode isn’t in the list above then we’re sorry but we don’t deliver to you, you can always order for collection from our Old Town shop. Or if you’d like to order a lot of ice cream (£60+) please email us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

  • How much do you charge for delivery?

See above, it depends on the delivery post code.

  • What is the minimum order for delivery?

The minimum order for delivery is £20. If you have got less than £20 in your basket you will not see the delivery option at the checkout.

  • What is the minimum order for collection?

There is no minimum order for collection.

  • I can only see a ‘Collection’ option at the checkout, there is no option for home delivery

EITHER your delivery post code is outside of our delivery area (please see the answers to Q1 for our delivery area) OR you’ve got less than our £20 in your basket.

  • Can I order for delivery to an address other than my own address?

Of course, as long as it falls inside our delivery area (see the answer to Q1 to check). Choose ‘Deliver to a different address’ at checkout.

  • Address hard to find?

Please leave us some simple directions in the comments box when you checkout.

  • When will we deliver?

Our delivery days are shown on the checkout page.  We deliver during the day on those days. We’ll deliver on the next delivery day possible – it takes us a few days to make a cake or a cheesecake, we’ll deliver on the next delivery day once it’s ready. If you’re not in, we’ll never leave your delivery outside your house (unless we’ve spoken to you first).

  • Will we get confirmation of exactly when you will deliver?

No you won’t, you will receive a confirmation email immediately to let you know we’ve got your order. We’ll attempt delivery on our next delivery day, or if you’ve asked for a specific date on our closest delivery day prior to that. And don’t worry, we’ll always get in touch with you if there’s an issue, see Q10.

What if I’m not in when you try and deliver?

If there’s no answer when we knock a your door we will always call you and try and make an arrangement with you (leave in the shade outside if you won’t be long, leave with a suitable neighbour etc). Worst case, we will take your order away and try again on our next delivery day.

I know I’ll be out for some of the day on your delivery day

No problem, let us know when you’ll be out in the comments, we’ll do our very best to accommodate.

My order is for a special occasion, but you don’t deliver on that day

Don’t worry! We’ll deliver on the delivery day prior to your special date and everything will keep fine in your freezer until you need it.

Can you guarantee a delivery time?

We can’t unfortunately, although we’ll do our best to accommodate any requests you make in the comments when you checkout. If you need your cake by a specific time, we suggest you tell us to deliver by the day prior – it will keep fine in your freezer and you’ll have it for exactly when you need it on the day.

I’d like a cake in a specific flavour, but that flavour isn’t in the options

Choose a cake in the design that you’d like and tell us in the comments box at checkout what flavour you’d like it to be. If we can do it we will, if we can’t we’ll ring you to discuss the options.

I’d like a design really similar to one pictured, but with a slight alteration

That’s probably fine. Order the one that looks closest to what you’d like, tell us in the comments box at checkout what you’d like to amend. If we can do it we will, if not we’ll call you to discuss the options.

I want to order a pack, but would really like a flavour that isn’t in the drop down menu

Order your pack choosing a flavour selection that you would be happy to receive. Then let us know in the comments box when you checkout what flavour you would like to swap for what. If we’ve got the ice cream we will swap it for you, but if we haven’t we’ll deliver what you originally ordered.

I’m gluten free and would like to order a pack

No problem, go ahead and place your order. Let us know in the comments box at checkout that you’re gluten free and we’ll swap the cones, and anything else we need to, for gluten free.

I’m dairy intolerant, what can I order?

Have you seen our dedicated vegan section? It will all be suitable for you, as will our sorbets.

Where can I see a full allergen list for your flavours?

There’s a link to it on our website. From our home page go to ‘Our menu’ then click ‘Allergen information’

We really appreciate your interest in ordering from us. If you have a question about ordering and it hasn’t been answered above please email us, we’ll probably add it to the list!

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